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Favourite song in the soundtrack?

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Doom - 1. Dark Halls 2. Sinister 3. I Sawed the Demons 4. Donna to the Rescue 5. Kitchen Ace and Taking Names

Doom 2 - 1. Getting Too Tense 2. Waiting For Romero to Play 3. Shawn's Got the Shotgun 4. In the Dark 5. Opening to Hell

Final Doom (TNT) {This OST has always been more meh to me} - 1. Soldier of Chaos 2. Lets Kill at Will 3. Cold Subtleness 4. Blood Jungle 5. Twin Pea- errr Legion of the Lost

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for me personally, 'sign of evil' from og doom and 'opening to hell' from doom 2 are probably my absolute favorites. they're both so moody and atmospheric, i love it

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On 3/11/2020 at 8:53 PM, Motka said:

I have a ton of faves but one that I think is underrated a tad bit is Adrian's Asleep.

Adrians asleep is certainly one of my favourites. As well the demons from Adrian's Pen.

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I've been Dooming since '93, and was blown away by Bobby Princes kickass tunes from Doom and Doom II. There is a good mixture of metal and moody tracks. I was really drawn towards his more darker tunes like Suspense and They're Going to Get you.


In 1995 Doom was ported to the Playstation, and for me, Doom was reborn. It came back with a focus on horror and mood. The soundtrack composed by none other than Aubrey Hodges really made an impact on me. I had never heard anything like it before and was my introduction to dark ambient music which I am especially fond of. He would go on to produce the soundtrack for Final Doom, Doom 64 and both N64 Quake Ports. These are just a few of my favourite Hodges Doom tracks. I could go on length about them, so I'll put them in spoilers as to not clog up the thread with YouTube links.





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