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If you're like Skins and Gobiln Slayer. Will here a petition i have created

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With Doom Slayer Unicorn skins is most Doom Community is talking about! But get idea for skin in Doom:Eternal you're going to love,if love anime like Gobiln Slayer? Here a petition created ask id Software developers to added Gobiln Slayer skin in Eternal,slaying demons dress as another slayer who only slaying goblins. Rip,Tear and Raze through hell as badass anime protagonist,so sign this petition and help share this petition on other social media platformers to get more attention and more people signatures from fans (Doom & Gobiln Slayer)



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It is extremely unlikely that id Software would ever add a skin for a character from some random anime about slaying, uh, "Gobilns".

Also, I checked the IMDb page for this show and apparently it contains graphic scenes of r*pe and nudity involving anime girls.  What the actual heck?


Is this a joke?

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