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Abaddon [WAD]

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-SCREENSHOTS- (in order)














Made in GZDoom Builder

GZDoom Doom 2 (UMDF)

Only supports GZDoom, and tested in GZDoom

2 maps, "To Earth And Back" and "Welcome Back To Hell"

Jumping and Crouching is allowed, but not required.






-WALKTHROUGH- (for smol brains)




Edited by carter : Sir hattington saw that I forgot to add if jumping and crouching was allowed, ty for that

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I played your WAD, and here is what I have to say about it.



-Maps are a bit harder than a lot of newbie maps

-Good ammo balance at the start of map01

-No MAP01 music


-Doors are pegged

-the Arch-vile fight was cool



-You get a bit too much ammo after the middle of MAP01

-Secrets give too much supplies

-Flat and boring level geometry

-Too many teleporters

-The WAD is a bit too claustrophobic in my opinion

-You never stated anywhere if jumping was allowed (not really a con on the map itself, but still annoying)

-Annoying enemy placement (The baron in MAP02 was put in an annoying spot

-Enemy spam (the Chaingunners/lost souls by the blue key in MAP02 was the worst part of the WAD)

-BS traps (BFG trap, chaingunners/imps right when you get out of teleporters)

-Useless Realm667 weapon (it is right at the end of the WAD is doesn't really need to be in the WAD at all)

-Lame final boss (the spider demon fight was pretty anti-climatic)


I'll give your WAD a final total of 3.7/10.

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5 minutes ago, Sir Hattington said:

-You never stated anywhere if jumping was allowed (not really a con on the map itself, but still annoying)

Thanks for the criticism, fixed the post for the jumping and crouching thing.

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Is this your first wad? I'd suggest play more wads you like and experiment with heights, monster placement and so on. Try understand what makes them fun and try to replicate those ideas to your own way. 


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