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what games

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What games do you hate, for any reasons

my list:

reactor, an old game for atar that made no sence.
omikron: the nomad soul- this one would have rocked had it been debuged and reworked(cutting out first person sections) it was filled to the brimm with bugs.

daikatana- gave it a chance and found i didnt like it.
ET-everyone hate this, i have it and it sucks

tombraider 3 and beyond-got stale, and buggy, tits seemd to grow like the blob

most sports games-get old quick, after beating there is little enjoyment in replay

wrestling games-same reason as above, they get old quick

Disney themed games- ok most of them are lame, some dont even stick to the stories.

BMX XXX- if this one is out.. god what a lame excuse to get buyers

thats all i can think of

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All wrestling games and all non motor racing Sport games.

There are also some games that I think are a little over rated

Counter-strike. I don't know why it's so popular online. sure, it's fun at a LAN party with people you know well, but online with cheats, morons, KKK members and arseholes? no thank you. I also hate the fact that you have to sit it out if you die, which is really annoying when you get killed by one of your own dumbass team mates.

I also don't think much of team fortress. I like it over Counter strike, but only because it a "fun over realism" mod. the severs are still full of KKK members, arseholes, ect.

come to think of it, any muilty player only mod that requires team play... 'cept maybe CTF.

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Edutainment Games - I've never played one that made learning acctually fun.

Football - I hate watching it as it is, most of it's spent planning and falling.

Baseball - The newer the baseball game, the more it seems like I'm playing golf. "Pitcher, speed it the hell up!" -- I dislike most sports games in general, unless made by Midway (Hitz, Blitz)

Card Collecting Games - WTF?

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RPGs - I just simply do not like RPGs. Only exception is Phantasy Star 4 for the Genesis. I don't regard Shenmue as an RPG, btw.

Sport games - just because i'm not into sports. Once again, only exceptions are Mutant League Football and Hockey.

Half-Life - Got bored with it too quickly.

Pokemon and all clones - Because it's Pokemon and the clones are clones. 'Nuff said.

Capcom games - 'Cause I'm a NeoGeo addict and SNK fan. And Mai's sexier when compared to Capcom women.

Mario - No reason. Just don't like 'em. Except that he seems like a pimp (how many princessess has he rescued? Peach, Toadstool...Polly?)

Tekken - Turtling. And I like DoA and the Soul [whatever] series better.

Other, too...just can't think of them right now.

And didn't Lara's breasts seem to get smaller as the games went on? They did to me...

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I can't really remember what games I hate, I had a huge drinking binge on the weekend, and it's sorta erased part of my memory.

I'm serious too...fuck...oh well.

Tomb Raider.

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The Reverend Julian said:

Well, Doom of course.
Silly you.

Yeah, I share the sentiment. How couldn't I.

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