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Angry Saint

Flesh Interface 1: The Laboratory (alpha version)

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This is a level I started working something like 2 years ago. I worked on it for one year then let it go. I came back to it this 2020 to finish it, before it's too late.

It is a GZDooM level with 3d floors and lights. You can jump, look around etc... Gameplay is heavily influenced by DooM 2016, as you'll see.


It is a lot of time since I last published a single map for Doom on this forum (apart from some community projects); sadly it is also a lot of time sinec I interacted daily on this wonderful forum. So please take it easy and let me know what you think and how you would improve my map.


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4jltcj5ldpxx5w/fi1laba.zip/file


Additional credits: FuzzyBlaze, 3DRealms, Captain Toenail, Gothic, Tormentor667 for sprites.















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I played it and enjoyed it. I thought the visuals were fantastic, with some interesting details thrown in at some spots. I liked the combat too, although I wished there were more medikits. It started off pretty easy, but some of the later fights I thought offered a fair bit of challenge.

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10 hours ago, Doomenator said:

Do you want to write credits for the skybox or sprites for example?

You're right, I forgot about it. I'm going to add a line in the OP.

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This map looks and plays fantastic but the inclusion of a few more med kits would have been nice. Overall it was an insanely fun playing through it!

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Thank you for playing! I'll for sure add more medkits in the future releases!

Any place in particular where they were needed?

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