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[Boom] How to make deep water?

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Vanilla is clunky, GZDoom is inconvenient for me; and I haven't seen anyone asking this question. 

I've taken a look at boomedit.wad but am unable to understand the process.

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Make your deep water sector, with the floor level of what you actually want the floor to be (lets say -128), and the floor texture with what you want to see when you're outside the water. Give it a tag.


Make a control sector with the same ceiling height as your water sector, and the floor height of what you want it to look like when you're outside the water (let's say -8). Make the floor and ceiling textures what you want to see when you're inside the water -- usually the ceiling texture is the same liquid as the floor texture of your water sector.


On one of the linedefs of the control sector, give it a tag matching the deep water sector, and the linedef action 242. Optionally, make the lower texture name match a colormap in your wad; Boom defines WATERMAP for you to use, and BOOMQTEX.wad for example has QLAVAMAP, QSLNMAP, QWTRMAP, QWTSMAP.


Don't have any moving sectors where the floor goes from above the water surface to below, or vice versa, unless your deep water is shallow enough that the player's view doesn't go below the water.

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It's not really that difficult.

You need to construct the normal area sectors, the deep water area sector and a control sector.


For example:

  • normal area sectors floor at 0 and ceiling at 128
  • deep water area sector floor at -128 and ceiling at 128
  • control sector floor at -16 and ceiling at 128


Other than that you need the special 242 and a texture BLUMAP, which can be copied from BOOMEDIT.wad.




What is important here are the heights of the deep water sector and the control sector.

The control sector extends from the ceiling down to where the water surface should be.



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I was actually messing with this last night as I was making a map based on Quake E2M4 and noticed that it also creates a fake ceiling, so if your deep water goes into a room, you have to create a whole new dummy sector, this is even worse if you're detailing. So I recommend using deep water sparingly (unless there's a way to fix this, if so please tell me).

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