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GZ editor/slade issues

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Hey folks i just started editing some maps after downloading gz editor/slade /brutal doom / and DSC in doom 2 hexen format. I have about 60 hours of work into these. Im having some issues with some great stuff i have found on Realm 667 some sprites i can throw in the map and they work one time until i add a new monster or decoration, some of the guns like the Claymore mine aren't working properly, in essence i can pick it up but i cant switch back to it ( i know this has been addressed in other articles but i am not code literate and was wondering if someone could walk me through how to key config some items in since that appears the only way you can successfully add weapons to brutal doom mod. ) I have some awesome ideas for maps and campaigns but i cant put pencil to paper so to speak. I'm also having minor issues with outdoor maps where if i make a building, and copy/paste its blueprint in another area after editing the sector tags etc parts of the building are missing or cannot be selected anymore. I'll add some of the maps i have created and maybe someone can help me out on how to fix the above issues.


I'd also like a title screen. To give you guys an idea of the story line. This is what  intro 1 would look like.

" You are Corporal Jim Baker, of the 10th Orbital defense brigade. Part of a brigade sized element in Orbit over the Planet Tacitus. Terraforming was completed ten years ago and the UAC sent Your team aboard the USS Putnam to ensure the planet was kept secret from any outside elements. The base you routinely supply from consists of a major security gate ( The only landable area for ships of military size in the region. ) and a cargo staging area secured by local friendlies. You've been stationed here for over a year and feel your units talent is being wasted. As you get your morning briefing from the bridge Captain Eldridge dismisses your platoon and pulls you aside by name. He informs you that in your platoon sergeant was not at muster as you well knew and requests that you go check on him in she ships cargo bay at the aft area of the ship. On the Port and starboard sections past the chow hall you see the rooms leading to the ships weapons department and can make out the feed ramps for the ships six main guns. You make your way down the ships centerline to the aft cargo compartment past the security desk on your right, As you make a left to the armory you notice that something about Sergeant Heskel isn't right. His face is covered in blood and his eyes are milky white. He levels his assault rifle at you and you realize you have only one choice."


USS Putnam.zip

Edited by Taz : Found out how to get the WAD on the forum

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