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Link me some companion mods for Doom 2.

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Not sure if these count, but the TDBots can play cooperatively with you. They are good if you want something less overpowered than the other companions (Though you can make them regen health and ammo if you want), or if you want something that actually uses the weaponry of the mod/IWAD you are playing, currently only 7 mods and all native IWADs are supported but support can be added to anything with ease. Also they adhere to any gameplay options you choose, like disabling respawn or dropping weapons.


But sadly they have less "personality", though they can chat, they don't have any special skins, just the player character of your current mod/IWAD with different colors, and a max of 7 (or 63 in Zandro) bots can be present in-game. At least they work in Zandronum and it's various modes, if you are interested in that.


Or y'know, you could load up a Zandronum/Odamex/ZDaemon match and play online, nothing matches the companion of a real person!

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