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What you see is what you get?

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This is a question for the one who can answer this. Is there a possibility that doom3 makes use of directx9 features or OGL2.0 that feature new grafic possibilities that are not shown off now, only using directx8.1 or OGL1.4 functionality.

Now that there is dirextx9.0 driver for ATI and dirextx9 is downloadable for the public, I can imagine that 9700 owners can see something happening with the alpha (if JC coded a directx9 path).

I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I mean well, so please be gentile with me.

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There is an OpenGL 2.0 path in the Alpha... I don't think Doom3 uses DirectX at all. Not for graphics anyway.

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no, at least for now doom uses no few direct x features because it has to remain portable to other platforms

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The api doesn't make that much of a difference as far as what you can see on the screen. While Carmack mentioned some OGL 2.0 support for the Doom3 engine, I imagine that the performance would be pretty much the same as his custom-coded GL1.x/extention setups, and you certainly won't see any change in terms of frame quality because of a different GL revision. Carmack can get access to just about all of the cards hardware functionality using standard GL in conjunction with the vendors custom extentions. OpenGL2.0 (potentially) allows Carmack to reduce the amount of per-card custom coding. Listen to Carmack last QuakeCon speech for more info.

Keep in mind that no api can change what a graphics card's hardware can or can't do. Carmack will get at it one way or the other, api-issues aside.

The drivers, on the other hand, can for all practical purposes. However, the foundation for graphics in Doom3 had been laid long ago, and has pretty much settled into what features are going to be present. Because of the huge quantity of artistic resources put into the game, it's extremely hard to go back and put in new graphics features to take advantage of a single video cards new feature. Any new functionality that a driver makes available will probably either result in some increase in performance, or better accuracy in calculating how much light to put on a given pixel.

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