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[MIDI tracks] Originals I think may fit WADS well (Rhythmic, primeval, layered)

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Hello there! How are you doing? I'm new to this community, so not sure if it's

customary to do something else before posting music here. If it is, well, I 

apologize in advance. I'll be submitting tracks I made on this thread.



Here's my first submission. The first of, uh, some. It started out as a metal

song, but I then retouched it and made it loopable. Hope I got it right. It may

fit well in some tech-tribal setting of some kind, maybe some techbase with

more out-there features. I thought of converting it to MIDI after playing

Eviternity, for reference. This is probably a more layered track than usual here, 

hope that's okay:


"JEI PUPI *ideogram for gold* QEDE MINU"

.mid: https://mega.nz/#!SZxz0TYI!c4zagUotCLpAOOZJRW0N3fJCU_PaG-MRSSzCQOGXDgY

.mp3: https://soundcloud.com/kakashkaiswe/jei-pupi-ideogram-for-gold-qede-minu

or, see attachment (lemme know if it's okay to use mega.nz links)


I optimized the .mid for fluidSynth (more specifically FluidR3_GM.sf2) and didn't

realize at first that MIDI only allows for one drum instrument. That's to explain

why the .mp3 and .mid sound slightly different: the .mp3 was done in Musescore,

where those limitations of MIDI are taken out. Also, if you figure out what the

title is referencing, well, that will be impressive. Also also, in case you're using a

different soundfont, does the track sound okay on it? Thanks in advance.


Thank you very much for listening in case you've done so, and let me know what

you think. What parts you liked if there were any, what aspects need work or

changing entirely. If you hated it, I'd like to know that too. Basically I need opinions

because this is my first doing MIDIs.


Obviously, .mid can be used for whatever you like.


Again, thank you for time and patience.


All the best,



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Very hard hitting. I like all of it; really no complaints aside from maybe the chord progression starts to feel a little repetitive after a while, but that's more of a personal preference than anything. You keep the song interesting with the layers of different instruments and melodies, and the whole thing is really enjoyable to listen to.

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