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GUZZ - Ace of the ASS (Alien Secret Service) TC

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6 hours ago, Morpheus666 said:


I thought videos are also suffice enough.


The graphics somehow make me nolstagic. How long does this TC take to complete?

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The name is hilarious and the screenshots look really interesting. Once I finally am able to get back on a PC, this is on the to-try list!

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ASS, you say?




Joking aside, this looks pretty cool! Regarding the text intro, it's doable if you're working in ZDoom or any of its derivatives (or Eternity): look on the ZDoom Wiki for what you need if that's the case.

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Great job.... I loved the little details, like the flower vases, the decoration, and character design...and of course, the exploding bananas....

and every time you pick one up you hear.... banane..... I'm getting kind of a "minions" vibe from this....cartoonish and fun....well, as fun as you can get when someone is trying to kill you..as you said, TontonMayonnaise, the game mechanics are just OK.  Movement, so-so....enemy behavior, ehhh....you tend to run into big packs of them and they don't go down easily, and you have to reload a lot....Hmmm....just a few nit-picky points....some glass can be shot, it falls and you can go through it, and other glass, you shoot it, it cracks, and you can't.... not a deal breaker though....oh, and I don't think you need to package either the Doom IWAD or the Doom 2 IWAD with GUZZ. which might help with the the size.  you can shoot radios, but tv's ??nothing. Guess those Glaviotan tv's are pretty heavy duty, huh ?? Anyways, epic story. Each level is huge.. Pinochetstein huge.  Good luck to you, and hope you make some progress....

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8 hours ago, TontonMayonnaise said:

Thank you so much for your comments, guys ! It's heart warming and helps a lot to continue.

Here is another video :


(sorry I don't know how to embed it)

It present the "Are you serious ?" difficulty level ...

Hope you'll like it.


cheers !

I am sure you won't mind that this gets covered at Realm667, hm? ;)

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1 hour ago, TontonMayonnaise said:

Oh ! Realm667 i forgot to post the mod on this site ...

Of course, I won't mind, thank you !

You don't have to these days (I believe) News authors just scavenge the doom community for interesting things and re-link to the thread.


I just happen to like this TC :)


PS: Please include the screenshots in your original post and make the Youtube link viewable (Should embed automatically). :)

Edited by Redneckerz

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