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mustafa saed

Another wad review request

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Caverns of Darkness: very good. Excellent visuals, challenge, and innovative features.

Southern Cross: don't know - never heard of it.

QDOOM by Fanatic: can't say, since it ran way too slowly on my old computer, and I haven't tried it with the new one. It didn't grab my attention too much, since I was never a big fan of Quake.

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and good.

Quick enough? :)

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Caverns of Darkness: Über untouchable goodness. Cool immersive tech/gothic environment that reminds me of the best of Virgil's work. Just better.

Southern Cross: Good Doom1'ish wad that is not entirely dissimilar to 2002 A Space Odyssey.

Qdoom: No comment, I haven't got EDGE to play it.

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Qdoom was great, with the exception of the episode "hub" / first levels running far too slowly, and the last boss being next to impossible. However, it felt more like a showcase of Edge's features than a real TC, and is worthy of a quick blast but that's all.

Howver, as a DDF coder on an Edge project, I'd recommend anybody doing the same to download it as an invaluable reference material to show how some Edge stuff should be done. As this, it couldn't be better -- it's IMO the definitive DDF tutorial, after the official documentation, of course.

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