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What was the last Entertaining YouTube clip you watched?

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If there's anything that comes to my mind about OG HotD, it's that the OG arcade release needs a reverse engineering treatment, since its source code is lost.


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On 3/30/2020 at 9:45 PM, Doomkid said:

It's a toss up between these two bizarre-but-great animations with bizarre-but-great music. I actually saw them both a few months ago but they've stuck in my mind:



Reminds me of shitty good songs like Hong Kong 97, The Idiot Virus and many, Many more...

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Just found this series on Warhammer 40k.  Never got into playing it because of the $$$ needed to get started, but after watching a few videos I'm considering investing into it (along with a bunch of lighting and fog machines).


The editing in these videos are top notch



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