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ANIMATED and ANIMDEFS are the ways you can add animated textures. I'm not sure it's possible to animate skies in vanilla compatibility (you could hijack one of the existing animated textures, by putting SKY1 in between, say, FIREBLU1 and FIREBLU2, and use those three textures for your sky animation), even with something like PrBoom I think you'll have to use the MBF sky transfer specials because sky textures are a weird hack and I'm not sure they're animated. MBF sky transfers work by projecting the texture from a wall, so animations there do work (as well as texture scrolling effects and other such cool stuff; you could even make a switch that changes the sky texture).

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I am using the the mario themed textures from Mayhem17  they have a bunch of animated skys in it but I am having a hard time figuring out how exactaly they animated them and I cant find any clues in the wad. The textures animate correctly when they are on walls and stuff but stop animating once i put them in the sky...

On 3/22/2020 at 11:30 PM, Gez said:

MBF sky transfers work by projecting the texture from a wall

I will look into how to do that I suspect that Is how they did it.

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