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Spicy Cacodemon

GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

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I've created some custom spinning coins that act like healthbonuses but they don't glow in GZDOOM like other default items do.

I assume the glow effect is from GLDEFS. Is there an easy way to make my coins glow like the megasphere in the image below?


The script for my coin is


ACTOR Coin : Health  9602
   SpawnID 23
          COIN ABCDEFGH 8 Bright
   Inventory.Amount 1
   Inventory.MaxAmount 200


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You'll need to define and attach a light to them in GLDEFS.


Here's a quick example, may need tweaking of color or size:

pointlight COIN {
  color 1.0 1.0 0.0
  size 16

object Coin {
  frame COIN { light COIN }

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Maybe the effect is too subtle to notice? Increase the size to something ludicrous like 256 and test again.

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