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Have question about lore and plot of Doom Eternal - HEAVY SPOILERS

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So, here's another warning: this thread is only for those who have already finished the game, I myself haven't, but curiosity eventually got the best of me so I had a friend spoil the shit out of the game for me.



If the souls of all those who die go the Hell, then what were those spirits of the Night Sentinels that appeared before the Doomslayer in DOOM? Also, does the game explain what is the real origin of Vega?


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I’m still trying to unravel it myself, I may have some facts wrong here, and will be making some assumptions.


as for VEGA, he seems to be the Father, the entity responsible for the creation of the Maykrs (what exactly he is is a little fuzzy—something as simple as an Alien AI to the realm of Urdak itself).


One day, Samur Maykr (Samuel Hayden), who seems to oppose the Maykrs use of Argent energy, stole the Father‘s consciousness in an act of defiance (the Father’s absence is responsible for the Khan Maykrs indefinite rule and the inability for new Maykrs to be born). 

This is where things get unclear.


At some point, Samur Maykr came to Earth and assumed the identity Samuel Hayden, and joined the UAC, which would be really strange, considering Samuel is distinctly human and has a confirmed history. In 2016, it’s stated that VEGA was created using a “combination of advanced technology and Hell artifacts,” the “artifacts” possibly being whatever the Father’s intelligence was stored on. 

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Some have taken the Samur-Samuel thing to be that Samur's manifesting in the robotic body somehow rather than having been Samuel the entire time, the man had a rather established business family and documented human life as well as seemingly little prior knowledge of anything involving Argent or Hell until his personal discoveries. It says a lot that despite the ambiguity of the two characters being one, Eternal distinctly has Samuel rejecting his past priorities once he realizes how bad he messed up, so I don't think he's been Samur the entire time or else he's one really bipolar dude.

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Not all souls that die go to Hell. From the Nekroval Part I codex entry:


"It exists as an overseer of sorts, awaiting as cages packed with the recently-slain are brought before it, determining which souls are candidates for the Argent process."


And another entry, from Sentinel Part XI:


"The truth had been uncovered, that all beings who found their end by the demonic horde would become a vassal of the Hellscape, their flesh in time twisted into the very demons we fight, their souls extracted to create the Essence that powers their world...and ours."


Basically, you need to be killed by the demons for the soul to be captured. In that case, the sentinels in 2016 and possibly King Novik in Exultia both didn't die by demon and that's why their spirits remain in the mortal world.

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4 hours ago, AtimZarr1 said:

Basically, you need to be killed by the demons for the soul to be captured.

Funnily enough, this retroactively works for classic Doom to explain why Doomguy goes to Hell after getting ambushed in Phobos Anomaly.

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