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HELL SHEEP - Modders wanted for metal music project

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Hello brilliant community of doomworld,

I was wondering if any DOOM modders would be interested in getting involved with a musical project. I’m the guitarist in HELL SHEEP, an instrumental metal band from Scotland that write music inspired by 90's first person shooter video games such as doom and quake.


HELL SHEEP’s songs are the soundtrack of a fictional fps game about a demon which is imprisoned in the body of a sheep and must fight its way back to the planet of hell in order to break the curse.


We are currently in the early stages of recording and producing our first EP. What would be really cool is if there could be a doom WAD to accompany the EP when it is released.

There are five songs on the EP, so a WAD with five levels in would be great. There is a rough story behind the songs, so it would be cool if this narrative was reflected also. Finally, it would be awesome if the EP could use some custom textures – replacing doom guy in the display with hell sheep (who looks like an angry sheep) and replacing the hands in the reloading sprites with hooves (if that is possible).


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch for more information! It would be a voluntary collaboration as we wouldn't be able to pay you (we have no money). 


Have a good day!


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This sounds like an interesting project. I'm not particularly talented with sprite work, but I may be interested in contributing by creating one of the maps for the wad.

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If there's any additional interest in this project; i've set up a discord group. Need both level designers and sprite artists! 

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Hi from another Scottish metal band :) It sounds interesting - do you have any examples of your music? I had to dig a bit just to find a video of a guitar recording session on Facebook! You might get more people interested if you were to contribute to the WAD yourself as well - have you mapped for Doom yourself? I'm sort of interested in seeing if I can at least help you get off the ground!

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Hi! Awesome stuff - your band sounds really cool. I've got some MIDI demos of our songs which I can send you a link to - busy recording the live music right now! I've never done level design, though it's something i'd like to learn one day. Sadly my free time is all tied up with recording at the moment but once the EP is done it could be a fun project.


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