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Spicy Cacodemon

Multiple ActorMovers (solved)

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Turns out my objects were just too close together preventing them from moving as they normally would. Perhaps I should make the spikes a bit bigger.




I've got some red spikes that kill the player on contact and I want some of them to move back and forth like in the example down below.

I've got one spike moving up and down using script 2 OPEN  {  Thing_Activate(1);  } with an ActorMover and two Interpolation Points.

I tried the same thing with 4 more spikes, 4 movers and 8 points but they won't move. Is this a problem with my script?


A separate (void) script with Thing_Activate didn't work when triggered.

Neither did putting multiple Thing_Activate in my OPEN script. I'm not good with script.



Edited by Spicy Cacodemon : Solved by me

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