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The Great Expendable - 4 map adventure for GZDoom

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Tested with GZDoom - Doom2 IWAD

UDMF format

no freelook

no jumping/crouching


Mini episode for single player. (2 player co-op and deathmatch starts available but none tested yet)

New self made music, story, and a really nice shotgun sound.

Difficulty is something like the first Doom 2 episode.

Play the levels continously from the beginning.  Find and look in the computermaps for help to find the secrets.


My first upload so I hope it works well. Enjoy.


Download ZIP here:







Edited by MundaneBoss

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3 hours ago, boatboat said:

please turn off gzdooms texture filtering it looks so fuzzy and gross get crispy sprites

This depends on personal perception, preference, and habit. Some people can't stand pixels.

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updates today:


So, consider map 1 and 2 startup maps with a bit more scripted feel. 

While making 3 and 4 I started to get into a more advanced workflow.

Make sure to play the levels continously from the beginning. And do look up in the computermaps if You cant find the secrets.


added credits to Austinado and HAK3180

added "for continous play" in description.

remixed shotgun sound. Slightly better. 


map03 changed texture sw2 -> sw1.

map04 small red door opening fix

map04 computermap less obvious

map04 exit wallswitch more obvious

map04 added secret tag at pedestal


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The maps are pretty standard fare, I played the latest version. The new gun sounds are awful though, they sound like a metal stamping machine, not firearm. And there are still some problems in MAP03: sector 124 shouldn't be secret and the first outdoor area could use better texture alignment. I got "unknown script warning" when I run over linedef 734.

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Hi, I played map 1 to 3 so far and wanted to share my findings. The maps are fun to play and I like them. What made me wonder was that in the first two levels you can already collect a bunch of rockets while there is no rocket launcher in single player. Not that this is a problem but it confused me and I searched for the RL.

In map 1 those bars are not marked as "impassable" which is strange when you walk into them.



Map 2: Those platforms the Imps stand on do damage although you are not in the nukage there:



Map 3: Those two sectors are both marked as secret where it is impossible (?) to walk into both before getting teleported. I guess this should be only one secret instead of two:



Later or tomorrow I'll play map 4 also.

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Thank You for your support, Caleb13 and Loomis! Updates are coming. I'll try to tune in the shotgun sound once again :)


Loomis, Im sorry you had to search in vain for the RL. 
If I recall correctly it's only available in a secret on map03. Its sort of like that's how things go/went in this story.
I don't know if i'll change it at this time, but I won't do like that again, maybe... haha.


Edit: not in a secret tho, but near as you saw

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Yes I found the RL in map 3. No problem that it is not in map 1 or 2. I just wondered.


By the way, the music is really good! I like it.

The shotgun sound not so, haha...

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Alrighty. Thank you, I heard some like the music. THATS nice.

Think I'm gonna need some new samples for that shotgun.


BTW, there is an ending screen with text and sound after map 4.


Updates 18.04.20

Map01 bar walls made impassable
map02 non-nuke sectors to non-hurt
map03 sector 124 is no longer a secret
map03 deleted linedef 734, added/made linedef 1371 instead, hope that solves it
map03 worked on textures and some additional detailing to buildings. Mixed results perhaps.


EDIT: Shotgun sound just revamped!

Edited by MundaneBoss

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17 hours ago, Loomis said:

OK, played map 04 now and I think it is really really good!


Thank You for your generous support

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This was fun!!!!  Not sure how I just came upon this but I had a really nice time battling through this one.  Difficulty wasn't too hard, maybe was a little easy, but the enjoyment factor was high and that was the key part for me.

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