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Game Collection thread

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I absolutely love collecting but I'm poor and my family always keeps nagging on at me about 'spending it on better things' so I tend to just use what I got. I've got 200 physical copy games and the most expensive one I have is £30-£25. (PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collectors Edition) (I love Final Fantasy and I'm a Sony fanboy of sorts)

I'm studying to be a tech guy of some sorts (not sure what yet but looking for at least £80k a year) so I can't really dish out cash like it's nothing. (not to mention that my city is tiny and has no gaming scene whatsoever, 85% of it is sports stuff and the rest is lower class white guys in pubs)


No camera sorry, so I can't take a picture of the collection (nothing special really, everything's mostly £7 or under)

But here's the idea: Tons of cheap PS2 games I got for £1, 40 PS4 games, couple of Wii, PS3 and OG Xbox games, 2 PSP Games and 40 Xbox 360 games.


So, what's your's like? I've just began collecting and I can't really afford anything above £2.50 so I'm curious as to what everyone else's in other countries look. Also, share games you have in your collection you enjoy and share tips for others out in the land over yonder.


Hope to see some good ones.


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I am in Australia.  I mostly own classic DOS-era FPS games, though I do also own some modern games.  Below are pictures of some of the games I have.  Many of the big boxes I found on eBay, while some such as Wolfenstein 3D and Turok were found in local op shops (thrift stores).








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Posted (edited)

I got rather late into buying games, much less into collecting them, so what I have is not as impressive as some of you guys here, not to mention places like VOGONS.


I do have a few game series / franchises that I particularly like, and I try to collect some releases of those franchises that feel "special" to me, but I refuse to overpay for this pointless hobby, which means that a couple of tens of US Dollars / Euro / British Pounds is the most I would pay.


Like, for instance, I would happily get a complete copy of "Depths of Doom Trilogy", if I find a good deal; so far it's been offered on eBay for way more than it's worth to me.


Some of the games I got in physical stores, and that's how it started my "collecting bug". Nowadays I mostly get them on eBay, sometimes on Amazon.


I am a freak of collector's editions, as well as of cataloguizing information, so I made a write-up about the bundles I own so far:



As well as some unique Russian editions (the texts themselves are in English):



There are plenty of pictures there, even if you are not into reading. I don't have any pictures of my entire collection of physical copies (some of them are still in my parents' house).

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