I figured it might be easiest to start a new thread for these specifically. I bought the game on PC and pretty much instantly ran into a couple things. Nothing that makes it unplayable, but...   Maybe not directly related to the game, but Bethesda.net suckage: https://chungy.keybase.pub/d64_bethesdanet.webp The input defaults kind of suck. E for use and space for speed. Not sure why... suppose it's not a big deal if I can rebind... The input menu constantly swaps between two (or three? I can't tell) different views and it is extremely distracting. Seems to be listing bindings for keyboard, then bindings for a gamepad. I don't even have one plugged in, and this is still making it harder than necessary just to read the listing. Many games simply display keyboard and gamepad in two separate columns instead of this swapping thing. I can't bind the Shift key to speed, and it seems like binding keys doesn't reset the bind on other items. The latter is probably undesirable most of the time. The former is game-breaking and makes me think I ought to stick to EX for now.   Bonus: The opening logos are unskippable, and there's enough of them to make the wait annoying. The Doom Classic releases allow skipping logos, maybe Doom 64 ought to, too.