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Does Doom Slayer pay taxes?

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He goes to use an ATM and goes to put the card in vertically.   It doesn't stop him from putting the card in anyway.   The ATM is now broken because it has a card improperly impaled in its reader.

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Since this thread is specifically about the Doom Slayer, then no. Because he resides in Hell, so he has no mean to contact, or be contacted by, Earthly tax services -- and he's obviously not gonna pay taxes to Hell since ensuring the continued functioning of demon society is precisely the opposite of his goals.


When he does return to Earth in Doom Eternal, it is with his own orbital space station, which by international treaties put his residence outside of states jurisdiction. He is also apparently originally from a parallel Earth, not from the DE Earth, or from the very distant past and there's some cyclical time thing going on; but anyway he doesn't actually have citizenship with any of the states on the Earth he saved because he spent several millennia trapped in a sarcophagus in Hell, let's remember that.

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Referring to the Doom Slayer in particular, then no. He isn't a registered entity in the current system and thanks to Hell's invasion there's probably no taxes collected, unless ARK wants some.


At that point, taxes would probably be paid in Demon blood, which the Slayer has contributed plenty. He may also may receive some special exceptions for any monetary requirements when civilisation starts again, not that anyone could force him to pay anything.

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3 hours ago, Gez said:

...Because he resides in Hell, so he has no mean to contact, or be contacted by, Earthly tax services...

Or so you'd think!


He still wouldn't pay them though.

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"In Hell, No One Can Charge You Tax."

Considering he's the last bastion of hope for the survival of the human race I imagine he's the one collecting taxes from us...

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