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Ah, Runescape, what a very nostalgic game for many people... I actually even created an account on Old School Runescape a few years ago, but didn't play much on it. Until this day, that is! Just started playing the game again, and its being a blast so far! So, anyone out there that also plays the game or has some interesting stories about it?

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Ya, I used to play the hell out of it back in 2007-2008. The wilderness used to creep me out and my friends and I used to hop over the ditch and walk about 4 meters and run back to safety, incrementing the distance every time. The way the wilderness works is that the deeper you go the more dangerous it gets and the higher level monsters spawn.  One time however, we saw a revenant hobgoblin(A level 50 monster I think) walking close to the entrance and I freaked out and stopped going near the wilderness for a while.


Man, I have so many memories of waking up at like 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM and playing that game for hours.

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