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Teleportation actions


Recently I've been messing around with teleporting monsters around the map and I noticed there were quite a lot of predefined actions that I can't figure out what they do. Could anyone explain their use? Thanks.


70 Teleport - obvious

71 Teleport (silent) - obvious

74 Teleport to map - what does it do?

39 Teleport to pain state (silent) - what does it do?

76 Teleport other - what does it do?

77 Teleport group - what does it do?

78 Teleport in sector - what does it do?

154 Teleport (no stop) - what does it do?

215 Teleport to line - what does it do?



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Admittedly I had to read about these actions in the wiki, having that they are very specific action that are rarely used as far as I know.



Teleport to map: teleports the player to the start position of the defined map (any map, not only the successive one). You can set the map, the start position and the direction the player will look at when he spawns.


Teleport pain state: works like the regular teleport (silent), but the actor will spawn in its pain state and not in its normal state.


Teleport other: teleports the thing with the selected TID on the selected spot. In other words, you can use this to teleport something that is not the activator of the line.


Teleport group: this one is quite obscure to me (I have not tested it). Teleports a group of actors (with the same TID) to another location, maintaining the same relative position between each other and a teleport destination. This will require two teleport destinations. The first one will be the one that determines "a distance". The same distance will be replicated taking in consideration the second teleport destination. 

So, for example, if we have 5 barons placed around a teleport destination at a distance of 10 between each other and 15 between them and the teleport destination, they will be teleported at a distance of 10 between each other and 15 from the SECOND teleport destination.

However, I don't now if this is entirely correct and what happens if one or more actors do not have the material place to teleport in.


Teleport in sector: really don't now about this one. For me it is the same thing as the previous one, but of course it isn't.


Teleport no stop: teleports the actor conserving his momentum. When you teleport you lose all of your speed. This one preserve it.


Teleport to line: also no idea


However, you can find all of the actions in the ZDoom wiki, but some of the definitions are, at least for me, pretty obscure.


Edit: well, Boris just replied with a better solution.

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