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Action Man thread

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This a thread dedicated to discussing everything Action Man: from the action figures, the board games, video games and accessories.


Action Man for those who don't know is a franchise originating as a Toyline by Hasbro/Palitoy. It was released in the 1960's but was discontinued in 2004 but it still has a large fanbase. Here's the first few lines of Wikipedia because they explain it better:




Action Man is an action figure launched in Britain in 1966 by Palitoy as a licensed copy of Hasbro's American "movable fighting man", G.I. Joe.

Action Man was originally produced and sold in the United Kingdom and Australia by Palitoy Ltd of Coalville, Leicestershire from 1966 until 1984 (Palitoy also offered sub-licences to various toy manufacturers in various markets).


The figure and accessories were originally based on the Hasbro (US) 1964 G.I. Joe figure (for 1966–1969 production). Hasbro's G.I. Joe figure was patented in 1966. Even the specific method of attaching the appendages was patented as a "Connection for Use in Toy Figures". The first Action Man figures were Action Soldier, Action Sailor and Action Pilot. All were available in the four original hair colours: Blonde, Auburn, Brown and Black. They were accompanied by outfits depicting United States Forces of WWII and the Korean War. From 1970-1984, the basic boxed figures and accompanying uniforms and accessories would reflect the forces of the United Kingdom rather than the USA. Action Man was subsequently reintroduced in 1993, based on the G.I. Joe Hall of Fame figure of that time.

There was recently an release of 4 new figures made by Hasbro and Art And Science.


Thanks Wikipedia, now back to me: It was pretty popular over in the UK and was basically European G.I. Joe, however when I asked my other European friends about the franchise they responded with 'not a clue'. (they're Danish, French, Swiss and Dutch)


Ever since the 2000's I've fell in love with the franchise and have been collecting some of the older games and cool looking figures. I'm wanting to see if anyone else is into it as much as I am.


Lights, Camera, Action Man! (sorry)


Images of Action Man stuff: 


















Sorry for bad image sizes I'm not used to editing images and such


Edited by ReeseJamPiece : forgot to add images

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