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Does "Load Checkpoint" retain past progress?

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I noticed something unusual when reloading the same part of the second level with the lava and the sinking platforms: one of the platforms had a "1-Up" below it, and a few times I ended up getting it, but dying in the lava later on, then I would "load checkpoint". Sometimes, the "1-Up" stayed collected, other times it returned.


Then, when I made my way to the final battle on the level, I fought many monsters valiantly but got my ass handed to me, and when I died and reloaded the checkpoint, I found far fewer monsters the second time and was able to win with barely a fight and finish the level.


So, does "Load Checkpoint" keep some of your progress from last time?


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I have no idea but yes, load checkpoint saves your progress from what i understood. Sometimes it might have bugs and something does not respawn, but overall what you picked up should not be there anymore, i think but i have no idea if that was the case with the 1UP

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