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Doom Board Game - Javascript Implementation - Alpha

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Hi there!

I've been working on a javascript implementation of the Doom Board Game (2016).

I kinda mixed it with a bit of diablo, so there's a leveling system, items, etc. 

Still very very early build, but would like some feedback if possible!


How to play:

Players can move via WASD, arrow keys, or clicking the green squares.

If an enemy sees them, the game goes to turn based combat. 

The player can play cards from their hand at the bottom of the screen during combat.

Any number of blue cards can be played on a turn, but only 1 red card.

Cards can give the player movement points and attacks to use on their turn. 

Attacks are placed on the left side, and can be selected and used from there.

When the player has nothing else they can do with their turn, they can end turn and give the monsters a turn.

If a monster is weakened, it will turn red, and can be glory killed by moving onto it's space to regain some HP.

See how far you can get!


For the record, the furthest floor I've gone is floor 15.

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Working on further updates after playing eternal.

Buff totems, that kind of stuff.

Would like an alternative "middle" section of the game, instead of just the dark area.

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It was very difficult, which I loved! I could only make my way up to level 6. Very strategic.



maybe for the final level, you have to destroy John Romero's head on a spike.

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Thank you all.

For diagonal movement, I could definitely consider it. I'd have to rebalance the movement economy a bit, I think, and make some decisions on cornering (can you diagonally move around a corner, sorta 'clipping a wall' for example)

And yes, level 6 is one of the first "bumps" in difficulty, for sure. It's the first level where you really have to decide if you're going to full clear a stage for all treasure, or just bounce if the exit shows up.

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Also, playing it again for the first time in awhile (things have been very busy, wfh and such)

Got to hell, and got smoked on the 11th floor, ha ha. It gets really tough! You really have to invest points in either hp, handsize or better glory kills by this point to have a chance, and you better be glory killing at every opportunity.



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really cool game @davoid! Got my self to floor 12 on my first try!



only one nitpick : I'd like to be able to play with keyboard only. (ok, two, I didn't find a "turn music off" button :P)

For the cards / attacks it's easy : just make each hand slot a letter from the bottom row of the keyboard  (Z,X,C,V, etc) and use that to pick which cards to play.

Then assign a number to each attack (1,2,3, etc). 


Only thing left : to select the target (I'd recommend cycling through the legal targets with the arrow keys (or A,D).


And menus should have a way to select an option with the keyboard (Y/N for the level change, maybe numbers for the choices).



Edited to add: second run :


Edited by kalaeth

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