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DOOM II's Colors.

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I don't know if it's just me, but have you ever noticed how DOOM II seems a lot more brown compared to The Ultimate DOOM? I've played through both games countless times, but always noticed how much more dark and brown DOOM II seems. The Ultimate DOOM has a much larger color pallet. For example; From just playing the first two episodes of The Ultimate DOOM, you notice how many different and colors there is to see. But when playing DOOM II, every mission feels dark and brown. I just wish they had more color to them. I'm not saying DOOM II is a bad game in anyway, I just feel like they could've added more color. But I'm probably the only person that cares about this :/

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This was mentioned a lot of times in polls like "Doom 1 or Doom 2?" One of the reasons I think that Doom 1's are kinda better than 2.

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I'm pretty sure their palettes are exactly the same.   It's simply the colors used in the textures.   Ironically, Doom 2 is the only one with green grass, because obviously the moons of Mars and Hell don't have grass.   Being out in space in Doom 1 there seems to be a tendency to use brighter colored metals and such.

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