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How prioritize texture packs in GZDoom?

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So, I'm playing Brutal Doom, and it comes with its own texture pack; and some of them are rather bad. For example; there a green wall that is made up out of green strips essentially in vanilla doom, it also has a decorated version with blue triangles on it; the decorated version otherwise has the same color and tone of the main wall texture. Brutal Doom changes this to a grey, even texture, and the decorated version is suddenly a lighter toned brown with a white UAC logo on it.


I have several texture packs, including the neural upscale project, that work when Brutal Doom does not get loaded, but when I load Brutal doom; regardless of the order I load the packs, always defaults to the textures in Brutal Doom.


Does anyone know of way to get GZDoom to load the other textures rather than the ones delivered with Brutal Doom?

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