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Small map For the new horizon 2 (Boom compatible )

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This map is a Submission for the project The New Horizon 2. 



IWAD-Doom 2

Format-Boom 2 format


Made with-Gzdoom builder

Tested with-Gzdoom builder

Known bugs-None

Main Purpose SinglePlayer-YES


Freelook/Jump-Not recommended but allowed


(Pictures of the map are stored in the file)

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I attempted it but bro there is too many monsters right off the bad - crazyville


From what I seen it looks nice but itès too frustrating to beat the opening hurdle for me


Maybe you should build to hoardes of monsters not just unleash hell right off the bat

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Hey @Clippy thanks for playing!Yeah i get that it is too much to handle.Next time i will toon it down for balance sake.Or atleast show the player what he is in for before dropping him into a warzone.I playtest my maps regulary to see if its balanced for all skill levels but i guess i need to  test my maps more.Eitherway thanks for the feeeback!

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