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Fast Caps Cup! (speed run competition) hosted by MDF & Plasmabump

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Welcome to the first ever Fastcaps Cup! Hosted by Plasmabump & Multiplayer Doom Federation, and powered by Odamex!


What Is Plasmabump? Plasmabump is a website and stat-tracking system created by Rude (@writhe) that tracks an individual players performance in duels and strafe running races. In duels, it tracks everything from weapon stats (frags, usage %) to k/d ratio and much more! In races, it tracks the time it takes to cap flag-to-flag and the tics for each player.


Fastcaps Cup Event We will be running an event over the course of 5 days testing just how fast you can capture a flag on 5 popular CTF maps! The website features a leaderboard that is updated in real time that allows you to follow your progress and the progress of your opponents. Your goal is to get the fastest time in all 5 maps by the end of the 5th day, at which point you will receive points based on your placement. There will be 2 modes, strafe-only & rocketjumping. The player that has accumulated the most points will be declared the winner. You have unlimited chances throughout the week to improve your time, but any score received after the cut-off time will not be counted.


Event Dates Monday, March 30th - Friday, April 3rd


We'll be holding daily sessions at 5pm EDT throughout the week, do your best to attend! If you can't, please feel free to set some records on your own. No scores will be accepted after 8pm EDT on Friday April 3rd.


Point Distribution

1st place - 100

2nd place - 85

3rd place - 64

4th place - 43

5th place - 32

6th place - 21

7th place - 19

8th place - 15

9th place - 11

10th place - 8

11th place - 5

12th place - 3

13th place - 2

14th place - 1


How to play? 

Get & install Odamex (https://odamex.net/) if you do not have it already.

Join the MDF Discord & signup in #fastcaps-cup! https://discordapp.com/invite/YQyg4cf


Maps - zdctf26 ragectf14 zdctf11 core18 zdctf23


Wad + Servers will be posted here Monday


Live leaderboards will be here:  http://www.plasmabump.com/race/wads/fastcaps/ 



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