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Mr. Freeze

So I beat Eternal...(spoilers)

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...and this is definitely one of the better Doom games. I still think I like Doom 2016 just a bit more though. 


Some (unorganized) thoughts:


1. Holy crap the music is great. Hearing the part here at around 40 seconds in after your clear a horde of enemies out in the middle of a city sent chills down my spine. Also the return of BFG Division was very welcome. Mick Gordon is a genius. 


2. The Icon of Sin has to be one of the best bossfights in the series. As a longtime Doom fan, seeing him up and about was intimidating as hell. I wish he spawned demons from his head again though. 


3. The resource management is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the fights are brutally intense when you have to think about how to kill demons. On the other hand, trying to keep up with everything going on around you can get really exhausting. I had to take a few breaks after particularly tough fights had ended simply because it drained my energy to continue further.  


4. Ultra-Violence once again seems like the perfect difficulty. It's not impossible but it can get really really fucking hard unless you smarten up.


5. The rocket launcher is pissweak. The remote detonation doesn't even kill smaller demons half of the time, it just staggers them. For shame!


6. The art style is...eh. Everything looks really cartoony compared to 2016 and the giant green glowing signs everywhere is kind of clownish. 


7. Kind of repeating myself here but holy crap some of the arena fights are marathons. There's one in the final level that's a multi-floor fuckfest filled with every enemy type in the game. It took me a good while to finish. 


8. The Crucible is kind of a cop-out weapon. Insta-kill sword that refills health? Not a fan. 


9. I am really really glad Samuel Hayden returns, and not as a boss. 





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1. The music overall is really great! The songs that plays in Nekravol are my favorites! Both those level were really awesome!


2.  The final boss had me on edge throughout the entire fight. I had so many close calls during that fight! The fact that you have to face him twice makes it more nerve wrecking. It takes quite a while to wear the Icon of Sin down, while you're desperately trying to keep yourself supplied to face him! I love that monsters are being summoned during that, but I agree that it would've been really cool if they were summoned by the cubes and not just by a red fog.


3. half of my deaths from arena battles were because I kept running out of ammo faster than I was keeping track of it. I had a bad habit of trying use my super shotgun while the ammo counter had a big zero on it!


4. I played this on Ultra - Violence too. I died several times at first from those arena battles, but they got easier to deal with once I got all my weapons and upgrades! Then they started to get hard again near the end!


5. I went with lock-on missiles instead of remote detonation. Sure, I loose rocket ammo way faster, but they were really good at taking down those big bastards down quickly. Especially when you're dealing with those whiplashes! I figured I could always get my rockets back by chainsawing random zombies crawling around.


6. I wasn't bothered by the art style at all. I really loved the fact that the demons were designed to look much more faithful to their classic counterparts.


7. I feel the same way!


8. I was really hoping for the Crucible to be a proper melee weapon. It was disappointing that I had to collect ammo just to use it. They should've made it so that you could recharge it by killing demons in general, similar to how the soul cube functions in Doom 3. The final battle is the exception. It felt like that sword was made just for that fight. Also, what happened to that cutscene where you meet the arch-vile for the first time? I really though we were going to fight one with the Crucible at first.


9. I was expecting to have a showdown with him, after what he does to you at the end of Doom 2016. It felt rather anti-climatic that you find him inside a tube as scrap metal. I did get a good laugh at that part.


10. I'm really glad that we're still playing as the one and true Doomguy! He even references that one infamous line from that ridiculous comic. That part will no doubt cause half of the fanbase to rage at that!


Doom Eternal was one hell of a demonic ride! I haven't decided if this is better than Doom 2016 or not. It's been a long time since I played that one. I'll definitely go back to that one soon! I'm hoping the DLC levels will be just as good as the campaign! I didn't by the season pass yet, but I'll be keeping an eye out on what ID has to offer us in the future!


The post credit cutscene made me laugh too.

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