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The Doommer

My Review of the game on UV (Spoilers)

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So, I played the whole campaign on UV and now wanna talk about it.


There are things that some people disliked, like the need of chainsaw / glory kill / flame belch to survive. Also the ammo capacity.


So, in D16, you could easily use only one weapon for most of the game (SSG, rocket launcher, Gauss Cannon) and not even feel the need to use the others. This was fun, but ultimately a flawed gameplay. Gauss Siege Mode was unbalanced after mastery and you could keep playing with that and never need anything else considering the vast amount of ammo in a level. I say, this lower ammo cap and weak point system is actually a great idea. Because now, the game rewards you with badassery and you are not a badass from the very start. So, learn to get rid of Arachnotron's turret before it fucks you up or Mancubus' flamethrower


Glory kills are still very fast and if you feel they are slow, use the rune that makes them faster. Also, no one will try to kill you during that time and you can immediately dash if you feel you are in danger. 


Flame Belch basically adds to the variety of pickups and is also can have a faster cool down after upgrading your suit and also it's really useful when mixed with Glory Kill / Chainsaw.


Now you have infinite chainsaw for fodder demons. You almost always find at least 2 fuel pickups in an arena and can get rid of one of the annoying enemies (my choice, Hell Knights with swords) Also, the animation is just outstanding for both glory kills and chainsaw.


Let's talk about the weapons here, shall we?


The combat shotgun acts like the pistol but with way higher firepower and usefulness. The sticky bomb mod is a must get with the first modbot in order to be able to get rid of both weakpoints for the Arachnotron and Mancubus. It's also useful even after you get the SSG.

The auto mod was OK, but wasn't used by me as much as the sticky bomb.


The Heavy Canon is very useful for those pistol shots that want to stagger a zombie. As for the mods, both are very useful. Scope for the weak points and the rockets for almost every huge demon after the mastery. They kill Barons and Hell Knights very easily, trust me.


Plasma Rifle is very useful for the shields, but also if you want to get rid of imps when out of shells and you don't have your chainsaw recharged yet or want to use it after running out of plasma / bullet ammo. The heat mod is decent and can mess up some demons, but I prefer the microwave mod which melts through some of the demons.

Also a good weapon to get rid of weakpoints, but as a last resort one.


Chaingun is a weapon that can mess up the huge demons like Barons and Hell Knights. But in all honesty, I used it mostly in the last two boss fights and not much in the other parts in the game. Doesn't make this a bad one, I just didn't feel the need because of the rocket mod for Heavy Cannon. The turret mod was used the most by me and it was really good, the shield mod is very good, but I actually forgot to use it for most of the game.


Ballista is actually a very good weapon too, especially for those fucking Marauders (we'll get to those in a moment)

I used the charged shot mod a lot, especially for some of the huge demons and Cacos.

The mod that makes the shots have an AoE (don't remember the name) is very useful when you are getting crowed in close range, but I didn't use it so much. My bad I guess...


Now the father of all shotguns, The almighty SSG. The meat hook is magnificent when mastered. It is a constant flow of armor when you learn how to use it. It's very badass and is just lovely. All I can say.


Now the BFG9000: I love it, but seriously only 2 shots? At least make it 3 again dear id. I like that the weapon wheel no longer adds to the damage.


Unmakyr: This weapon is really awesome, no doubt. But if it shared ammo with Plasma Gun / had its own ammo it would be way better considering this weapon is good against some weapons in front of you whereas BFG clears an area if shot long enough. I get that you can manage your ammo better with this, but when you shoot once, you can only fire with BFG for once and you will need a whole cell to refill it.


Crucible: TBH, I find it unfair that the ammo for this weapon is only available in a huge rarity and this weapon is useless in levels before Taras Nabad without the Infinite Ammo Cheat.

I wish it worked like Soul Cube, after you kill a bunch of enemies, you get a one charge to use out of 3 and those pickups will save you the trouble (like Blood Punch pickups in Final Boss fight) 


Now let's talk about the difficulty of Some monsters. Cause the monsters are a huge list.


The most difficult non-Boss enemies are Pain Elementals, Arch-Viles,  Cacos, and Whiplash.

Pain Elemental becomes very annoying in some levels. you can't kill it with rocket that easily, so it's either SSG meat hook and a shot to the face and repeating it until it dies.

Or Use the Rocket mod for Heavy Cannon or Ballista charged shot. Both kill it fast, but thing is when it's close, it can easily kick your ass.


Cacos can be killed easily, but thing is they get in your face and their bite will mess you up when you are already cornered.


Whiplash is really annoying, I never managed to find any other way other than SSG flaming meat hook to deal with them.


 Arch-Viles are outright bitches that piss you off, summon demons and empower the close ones. Pain in the ass, kill them ASAP no questions asked.


Now, Mancubus and Cyber Mancubus can really ruin your day with their AoE, so go for the weak points ASAP and try to kill them faster that some other ones.

Hell Knight With Sword is very annoying as well, but I already said what can kill them easily.


Carcass sometimes is a real annoying one with its shield whenever I go for a glory kill. I suggest killing these fast.


Let's talk about Marauders, shall we?


The boss variant (on ARC Complex) is actually the easiest one. You have only fodders to worry about and they are fairly weak.

But when it throws Whiplashes and other annoying ones alongside it, then it gets really annoying. Also, stay far, and it throws the Wolf at you to ruin your focus as well.


Best way to kill it is the Ballista + SSG mix. Still, they need a huge part of your attention and are top priority.


Doomhunter as a boss is difficult, but as a normal enemy, it gets easier after learning how to fight it.


Now, this is very spoilery, you have been warned.


Khan Makyr as a boss was annoying, because of the huge AoE damage it deals. Learn to jump on the safe places, it gets easier.


IoS was a really good boss tbf. It felt really badass to kill one of the most huge bosses in the game. Still though, it was a bit difficult at first. And its an improvement from a wall tbf lol.


Dear id, please never reveal such an important boss ever again in trailers. I get that it was to add to the hype, but please don't.


About the reveal: I just loved the reveal. Doomguy is Doom Slayer. End of the story. Whoever disliked it is being unfair tbh.


Now I want to talk about platforming:


It really is not annoying at any level, except maybe the timed climbable walls but those aren't a huge issue after a while.

Also, if you are bad at platforming please don't attack the game for it. Doom 2016 had quite a lot of platforming as well.


Also, I love how the game is very rewarding by exploring the map and also how it lets you finish the map and fast travel back to find missed item. The game does not force you to play it twice and that is very good.


Also, I like the fact that all cutscenes and lore are optional even the first playthrough, though I love both of them.




10/10 - A masterpiece




About the Slayer Gates and Secret Encounters, Slayer Gates become easier after you learn the flow.

Secret Encounters sometimes get very annoying especially the ones with a Marauder / Doom Hunter or the one in Cultist Base (?) where it threw a Mancubus with two whiplashes at you alongside some fodders

Edited by The Doommer

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