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PSX Classic LzDOOM Configuration Storage in a PK3 Possibility?

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I wasn't sure where to post this in the threads so I placed it in general as I am sure this issue is not LzDOOM specific.
Anyhow, what I am doing taking DOOM MODS suck as the Duke Nukem Total Conversion, coupled with the Isabelle MOD, merging them into a single PK3, then adding in custom musick and a custom map pack such as Community Chest 4. The reason I am going this route is because I am running lzDOOM on a Playstation Classic mini game console, through a piece of software called Project Eris, which means I have no access to command line, nor a WAD/PK3 Launcher Menu.

Everything runs fine, but the problem I am having is that despite what my lzdoom.ini and lzdoom_def.ini say, it for some reason or another looses some of my settings when ever I exit the game and later reload it. The thing is though that the launcher script tells it to use the ini files that I have specified for this particular MOD Combination and it it's own solitary folder, but for what ever reason, some controls don't save. So I am wondering if it is possible for there to be a configuration file stored under some name within the PK3 file itself, because I ended up taking my custom PK3 over to my PC, loaded it up with LzDOOM and low and behold, my settings were there, but oddly enough, it was the settings for my Playstation Classic controller that somehow get overridden on the Playstation itself.

Any ideas?

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I have a PSC with Project Eris and I have set up LZDoom with SmoothDoom.pk3


Which settings are being overwritten? I think they get overwritten on the PSC itself, check out what that shell/script file does, it shows the splash screen asking you to select digital or analog controls and then overwrites some settings, right?


Controls are not saved in the pk3 so I don't know why you think they got transferred lol

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