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I need help finding an Eternity build

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A while ago I posted a topic showing a diffculty selection map (similar to Quake's) in Eternity. If I wasn't wrong, that was a devbuild.

Now I want to try it again but have problems finding it. Can anyone help?

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Are you talking about the START map inherited from SMMU? That was lost many years ago because both the FraggleScript and Small scripting languages failed to be usable on the long term, and despite Eternity's adoption of ACS, the map wasn't resumed. Maybe @Quasar can tell the latest Eternity version with the START map?

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This version does mention the start map, available at http://eternity.mancubus.net/ee-old/ .




This one does not mention it, though. And it seems that there is no intermediate version between 3.40.46 and 3.42.02, hence 3.40.46 is the wanted version, I guess.


Disclaimer: I am posting from a tablet, so I cannot verify anything.

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Even if you have a working start map (and I've made one) it seems EE lost the ability to automatically 

load it, instead of going to the usual menu.

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