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Will "block monsters" linedef stop lost souls from trying to charge


I want to create a room that constantly spews lost souls. For this end I intend to make a closet with a pain elemental and a voodoo doll separated by teleport. However I also need to proptect voodoo doll from souls that can teleport in case previous one hasn't moved out. So I intend to put monster-uncrossable linedef between the pain elemental and voodoo doll.


Will this setup work, or should I not bother trying?

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This should work well. 

If not, you can always use bars between the voodoo doll and the pain elemental. The voodoo doll will remain visible but unreachable.

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When I use 'Block Monsters' in the linedef, it's stopped all of them, including the flying monsters like Lost Souls. Can't see no reason why it shouldn't work.

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