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Need clarification on "Hitscan attacks hit invisible wall" bug


I made a very big room in which mass fight is supposed to occur. However I am not entirely sure how big can this room room actually be before the problem might start occuring. I wouldn't want to discover, after filling the room with other geometry that I made it too big. This article: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Hitscan_attacks_hit_invisible_barriers_in_large_open_areas says that I need to have linedefs shorter than 1024 but I'm not entirely sure it would be enough.

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If you want a huge sector, may it be a room or an outdoor area, it seems that the nodebuilder has some conniptions with precision. This mainly a problem with original DOOM mapping, not so much with advanced source ports.


So, it is best to break down the huge sector into several smaller sectors, the number of which will vary depending on the actual size of the huge sector.



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2048 is already very long line, and even then it's questionable if that bug will affect any source ports. Just use the curve tool to subdivide any lines over 1024 units, if they're causing issues. The size of the room also isn't an issue, just any non-solid lines intersecting through it, which aren't likely to be over 2048 units in practice.

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