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Midi Dump (for use in WADS or whatever you like)

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Posted (edited)

Here are some midis:


you can use this to upload midis that you find as well



since its not allowing me to upload them straight here, i uploaded a ZIP file with them in it


here are the names of the midis located in the ZIP;

  • Equinox-(Part-1)-2.mid
  • equinoxe.mid
  • Oxygene 10.mid
  • Oxygene-(part-4)-1.mid
  • Oxygene-(part-8).mid

(just in case you don't want to download the ZIP, these are here so you can look up the song names)


( i also just realized that this is my first time posting since i made my account back in 2019)

Stinky Midis.zip

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Just now, ValeriyPipick said:

Is it Oxygene from Jean Michel Jarre? 


Sounds correct to me.

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I like them very much....Also Oxygen (part 8) reminds me (I don't know why) the theme park level from Streets Of Rage 2....

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