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[Chocolate/Vanilla Hexen] Animated "flats" problem


Hello. I'm trying to create custom animated flats and I'm guessing most of the rules that are applied to vanilla DooM are the same for Hexen. So far I've gotten my flats to work just fine but I've come across a slight oddity regarding 3 sets of flats (or rather: 11 frames of 3 flats) in Hexen. These being X_001 to X_011. These flats are 64 x 128 in size which perplexes me as nearly all flats in DooM engine games are 64x64 in size. (I believe heretic or again hexen has a sky texture that's 2x2 but that's besides the point here).


Does anyone know how I can force a 64x128 flat a-la Hexen or are these frames of animation practically impossible to use with a custom palette? If so, how does one work around this limitation to create custom animated floors like water, lava, oil, etc...

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The only reason the liquid flats are 64x128 are because they're meant to be used with scrollers. This is useful to know in case you want to use non-liquid textures for scrollers, or if you're not thinking of using scrollers at all.

I've seemingly hit the same snag trying to find out how to make a 64x128 flat though... converting a 64x128 graphic to a flat just makes a 64x64 flat, oddly enough...


For now you can replace the liquid textures with 64x64s, they'll just look glitchy when scrolled.


Animated textures are actually surprisingly redefinable in Hexen, it actually has an ANIMDEFS lump you can use! Only issue with making extra liquids is however the inability to make new terrain definitions, but that's something at least!


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