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On using barrels as a timer


I'm considering another map gimmick, working title "Containment failure". The idea is a variation of "Run from it" from Scythe, where you have limited time to reach your objectives, or you die. The way I want to do it is to use chain of barrels exploding with several detours towards voodoo dolls surrounded by lethal amount of barrels. This way I might be able to have several switches player would need to press to protect his previous dolls - and to player himself it would look like he's closing doors to dangerous-looking areas, sealing leaks or something to this effect.


But I need to know 2 things before I even start planning:

How far apart does barrel reliably explode.

Will it actually work, as in, will closing a door between two barrels stop the chain reaction.

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Nevermind I realized how stupid I am and that I actually can check that easily. I don't see how I can delete my own post, so I just give an answer: yes, doors can protect my precious voodoo doll.

I didn't find out blast radius for barrel yet, but I realized that I can just use crusher for it like I already did before - I can seal crusher fine.

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