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Any mission selection screen options?

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Hello Doom world. This is my first post on the site.

I have been playing Doom since around 2011 and in all that time, one thing has always has irked me more than any other: having to save at the beginning of every level in case I want to replay it. Those saves pile up, naming them is tedious, and I lose track of where I am in campaigns.

I have never come across a level selector that I can recall. I have seen chapter selection screens, but never for individual episodes. 

Any suggestions? I would honestly play Doom at least 25% more often if this was available.


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1 hour ago, BabyCousCous said:

How do you do that?

Open up the console with the '~' key(or whatever binding you have it set to). Then type in idclev 'x' 'y' 


For The ultimate Doom, 'x' is the number of the episode and 'y' is the number of the map, so if I wanted to teleport to E2M3, I would type idclev 23


For Doom 2 its pretty much the same thing, except 'x' is the first digit of the map number and 'y' is the second digit. So if I wanted to teleport to map 7 I would type idclev 07.



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hmmm, I guess that cheat is good enough for now. I still think a proper level select screen would be a great addition for one of these fancy source ports.

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You could create a MAPINFO file which clears episodes and then defines all the maps as their own episode. That is, unless there's some limit to the number of episodes.


Actually I have a better and cleaner idea. Make a map where the whole point is to act as a level select using ACS (would only work in ports supporting ACS and UDMF). If I have the chance, I'll try to make one.

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