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how do ranks change?

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I'm wondering how people get different ranks


has it got to do with the amount you post or how old the account is?

or is it got to do with fame?

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There's been a couple changes to the list from that thread:

1 - Registered just to make one post
2 to 9 - Newbie


1 to 9 New Member


In 2018, Linguica changed those two ranks to "New Member" because someone that registered thought they were being made fun of for not having made a lot of posts, and Linguica agreed and said that terms like "Newbie" were a hold-over from 2000's-era internet BS (which included a time when many of the original users and founders were much younger). So he eliminated those two ranks.


There are three other ranks that I can think of:


69 Nice Member

420 Dank Member

666 Evil Member


Administrators can also give users custom ranks whenever they want. For example, Fraggle used to have the rank "Registered just to make two posts," but now he has the rank "The Kevin Bacon of Doom." There was a thread that basically played Six Degrees of Separation using Fraggle and he made the comment "I am the Kevin Bacon of Doom" and someone begged an administrator to change his rank to that.

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