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Redinsane's Crashcourse Update Progress (amount of levels complete: 4)

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Current version: 0.3


File (latest): Redinsane's Crash-Course (V0.3).zip



Please don't hesitate to give feedback as this is my first wad and i want to know how to make it better and something people would enjoy playing.


I was making a different wad but it is broken and I started a new one (this one is much better BTW).


I'm quite proud with how this one turned out but I still need to know what else to do to make it better.


 i want this to be a fully fledged WAD with multiple levels.





Compatibility and Requirements:

It uses DOOM 2


for 0.1 and 0.2 I use GZDoom to test and play this WAD, I don't know how many ports that the WAD works on... give it a try on yours! I used Doomsday Engine to take the screen shots just to test if the WAD runs on other ports


0.3 and above use zdoom or gzdoom because of all of the custom content and all the awesome stuff.






- added 2 new levels (Nuclear Factory F2, Beach)

- added lots of custom content

- added names for other levels (Crashsite, Nuclear Factory F1)

- added custom mp3 music for title screen and transition screen



- WAD is named to "Redinsane's Crash-Course"

- added map02 unnamed no planned name just yet



-added map01 currently unnamed but the planned name is "crash-site"

-WAD is unnamed



previous file versions:


v0.2: Redinsane's Crash-Course (V0.2).zip


v0.1: Crashsite(WIP).zip

Edited by RedInsane

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i also just realised that i left in a VERY unfinished second level with only a player start and a a basic room and no exit or monsters its also not in the design that i want so it will be removed in the next "update"

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I just finished the second level

I will upload it now


The WAD has a name now:

Redinsane's Crash-Course


I will keep updating this page as the WAD updates


the second level is much different than the first level as it takes place in an abandoned uranium mining facility (the third level is planned to take place here also)


you start off just outside of the facility as you make your way inside you soon realize that it has been invaded by the creatures of hell.

Redinsane's Crash-Course (V0.2).zip

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1 minute ago, Super Mighty G said:

Remember to specify the target compatibility. 

i did in the main post


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2 minutes ago, RedInsane said:

i did in the main post


You did not. Compatibility means what source port is it supposed to work with. This is determined by what map format was selected in the editor. 

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10 minutes ago, Super Mighty G said:

You did not. Compatibility means what source port is it supposed to work with. This is determined by what map format was selected in the editor. 

I use GZdoom... I'm unsure if it works on other ports. give it a try!

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I'm in the process of finishing up map03 but the next update will have 2 levels as i want to release more content in certain updates


here's some screenshots from map03:Screenshot_Doom_20200411_153810.png.96dbd38099b5aa87c87fb04ac18df8ac.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200411_153820.png.df9faca7db68e76f0a087ebd72bfc31d.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200411_153903.png.35c80ced4b32fb7508dfb42c6dd00eab.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200411_154010.png.8e917ff797b1dfb7e8da2a5ee4d253d5.png






I don't want to spoil the ideas i have for map04 but....




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Map03 has been completed (Just as I write this)


0.3 will have two (or more) maps because I feel that I need to put a lot of effort into making this WAD and I want to show that by not spewing out random updates and i want to release 1.0 as a full release of the WAD. With the spewing of updates (by adding a single level each one) the full release might not be 1.0 it might be 12.645 or 5.724 or some other random slue of numbers.


I'm not sure how big this WAD will be, but if it is not going to be as big as I really want it to be I will make more WADs (future ones may even be better than this one)


I NEED you guys feedback on future updates so that I can get the WAD being as close to perfect as i can get it. 








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great news people!!!

Development is back underway for 0.3!

should release within the next month!

a release date will be announced on this post... stay tuned!


the only thing that was holding me back from development was that i took a long break from doom and hopefully i willl stay a while longer this time


here's the "bad news";

I'm unsure as to whether or not this project will be a finished product in the near future

i understand that this isn't really considered bad news atm, but this could very well happen...


Map04 is the current map i am working on,


It looks great so far! so much cool custom objects!

I am exited for this update to be released to the public!

when it releases, please tell me what you think of the WAD so far as I need input from the community to tell me me what to fix and what to change as welll as what you want me to put in future updates.


Thank-you for reading this and please stay tuned for future updates.


Yours Sincerely,


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