Hi, this is my first finished map for Doom 2. It's called "Into Battle". I guess it's some old school Doom/Doom 2 gameplay.   I created it with Slade 3.1.10, a little bit Ultimate Doom Builder 3.0.0 and ZDBSP 1.19
Tested it with GZDoom 4.3.3, PrBoom 2.5.0 (custom sky texture is not visible in PrBoom) Got some graphical errors or crashes in Boom 2.02 and Doom2 v1.9 in DOSBox, though.   You need Doom2.WAD to play.
Although I thought I had nothing incompatible in the map, I couldn't get it running with Doom2 v1.9 in DOSBox...   Freelook, jumping, crouching is not needed.   It has a custom sky texture made by me, and I put one of the hanging dudes on that green wall to a grey stone wall texture (hope the latter one is allowed).   Regarding difficulty: I made use of the different skill levels, so it should be playable also for beginners. I can beat it on UV, but I guess some experienced player may find that also easy... Please let me know. I'd say it's like Doom and Doom 2, not as tough as Plutonia.   WAD file: INTO_BATTLE_WAD_V4.zip     Screenshots: