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DoomArcana! (HexArcana V2.1)

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Posted (edited)

Version 2.1 HAS ARRIVED!!!


Featuring DOOM!

Have you gotten bored of the Vanilla 3 classes in Hexen? Do you wish that there was something that made them different, but left room for another mod to change the world or monsters? Well, I got something that might fit for you! This mod changes all of the classes in many ways and each class requires a much different play style from what they may have had previously. A slight Caveat, this will not work for multiplayer. Or at least it has not been tested, nor built with multiplayer in mind.  Requires latest GZDoom.



Older Videos:




Version 2.1

Older Versions




Monster Flask:             Replaces half of the quartz flasks.  When consumed gives 25 stamina, and 15 ArcaneBlood.

Arcane Armor Shard: Replaces some of Doom's armor bonuses, DOOM ONLY. When used adds armor class to the player's total armor class. +1 for Slayer, +2 for Magister, +3 for Vesper, +4 for Warlock.

Raven's Blessing: Replaces MegaSphere, DOOM ONLY. Does exactly what the MegaSphere does, except instead of giving the character 200 max health,
will only give character's max health +50, plus the 200 armor, which is represented as +10 armor class. Stacks with all other armor types.

Emerald Amulet: Replaces rad suit, DOOM ONLY. When used does the same as the rad suit.

Ring of the Unseen: Replaces Blur Sphere, DOOM ONLY. When used does the same as the blur sphere.


Fighter Class:

Has a new inventory:     Stamina (disabled in options). Caps at 100, gains fast from standing still, slower while moving, no gain while sprinting
                                    You can often still attack when stamina is depleted, but your attacks will be slower.


Name changed to Slayer     (May change in the future) Max health is 150. Starts with 5 Armor Class.


1st weapon:  Fists.      Primary fire is a 3 punch combo, a quick right-left jab, then a heavy punch.
                                 Secondary fire is a powerful overhead two handed strike which launches the
                                 enemy backward, and is slightly damaged by hitting enemies and walls.  It also briefly stuns the enemy.
                                 Holding alt fire, or pressing the reload key, performs a flying punch, launching the player forward
                                 dealing massive damage.  When doing this you gain some damage resistance.
                                 Having the Gauntlets equipped makes your stamina recharge faster.
                                 All fist attacks can hurt invulnerable centaurs
2nd weapon:  Axe.      Primary fire is a 3 hit combo, an overhead chop, a sideways slash, followed by a lefty punch.
                                 The chop and the slash hit enemies in an area, the sideways slash has a MUCH larger area than the chop.
                                 The punch can get through centaur guards.
                                 Secondary charges up the axe and throws it into the fray as an electrical bomb that stuns enemies.
                                 Holding secondary fire, or pressing reload, throws the axe costing 10 Blue mana.
                                 It deals a small area effect when it hits an enemy and has a boomerang
                                 effect and returns a portion of the damage dealt back to the player when the axe
                                 returns.  If the axe gets caught on a wall on the way back you are forced to summon it back costing an extra 3 Blue mana.
                                 You switch to the fists while the axe is away.


3rd weapon:  Hammer.     Primary fire hits things with the hammer.  Uses no mana, but has less range than the axe, and does much more damage.
                                      Secondary throws the hammer, costing 14 Green mana but the hammer is affected  
                                      by gravity (adjustable in options) and deals a large amount of area damage.
                                      Holding secondary fire, or pressing reload, uses 30 Green mana but does a large amount of damage,
                                      causing a very wide damaging explosion and thrusting enemies away.  Great for clearing up groups.
4th weapon: Quietus.     Primary fire can be charged to be a heavy damage slice, does slightly less than the hammer but has much more reach,
                                    or just tapped for a quick slice that deals a moderate amount of damage.
                                    Secondary fire uses 15 of both manas and launches a projectile with an exploding spiral that rips through enemies
                                    Holding secondary, or pressing the reload key, spawns a cone of flames in front of you damaging
                                    everything in the radius over time costing 20 of both manas.
Flechette:                Now is thrown further than before, though retains its basic utility.


Mage Class:

Has a new inventory:         ArcaneBlood.  Caps at 100, gains 25 from holding 1st weapon secondary, 15 from Monster Flask.


Name Changed to Warlock     (May change in the future) Max Health is 50. Starts with 1 Armor Class.

                                           Pressing reload on all weapons will activate the Powered state


1st weapon:  Telekinsesis     Primary fire, when tapped, fires a long range blast that does low damage. When powered it fires 3X in rapid    

                                          succession and costs 2 AB.
                                          When held, the Primary will    send out a wave of energy damaging enemies and throwing them backward.
                                          When Powered up you launch a projectile, if that projectile hits an enemy, holding fire will pull them toward you.
                                          You can then hold them in stasis until you release them, lauching them toward a target.  When the launched enemy

                                          comes to a sudden halt, they take damage and damage whatever they hit.
                                          Holding secondary hurts the player for 10 health, and gives 25 Arcane Blood.
                                          Tapping secondary puts the player in a Powered up state which changes all the weapons slightly.
                                          Everything costs Arcane Blood when Powered up, but does not cost more mana.
2nd weapon:  Fire and Ice    Primary fire blows out a cone of cold, does not cause pain state.
                                          Short range, goes through enemies, and does little damage, but can
                                          be held. Drains Blue mana slowly.  Powered up blows out a much more long and narrow
                                          cone of frost shards.  Drains Arcane Blood at about 2/3rd the rate of Blue Mana.
                                          Frost shards do slightly more damage than the cold blast but move a lot faster and go a lot further.
                                          Secondary throws a fireball that costs 7 Blue mana, and is gravity affected (adjustable in options).
                                          Powered up throws A much larger fireball. Costs 7 AB.
3rd weapon:  Shockball        Primary fire throws an orb of electricity, costs 17
                                          Green mana.  The orb will shock nearby enemies constantly.
                                          Powered up it shocks faster and does more damage.
                                          Secondary, costs 5 Green mana, throws a lightning bolt that cuts through enemies, does decent
                                          damage to enemies it goes through and nearby enemies, but more damage to the
                                          first enemy it hits directly.  Powered up it does more damage and has a broader
                                          damage radius to hit nearby enemies.


4th weapon:  Bloodscourge   Primary fire launches a gravity affected (adjustable in options) projectile which sticks to an enemy
                                          and when explodes launches many mini bombs that scatter and explode in a wide area.
                                          Costs 6 of both manas.  Powered up launches a few purple bomblets which then explode

                                          into a dozen mini bombs each. Costs 4 AB.
                                          Secondary fire shoots a nondamaging projectile that, when hitting an
                                          enemy, causes a meteor shower to fall on them for damage in a wide area.
                                          Costs 25 of both manas.  Powered up it causes a very large meteor to fall on the enemy for

                                          huge damage in a huge area and releasing a flame wave along the ground.  Costs 12 AB.
Flechette:                    Now floats in mid air and explodes when enemies draw near.  Will stay for about a minute before self destructing.


Cleric Class:

Has a new inventory:         Stamina same as the Fighter (disabled in options)
                                       Arcane Blood is gained by killing enemies with either the Mace of Contrition or the Primary of the Wraithverge
Name Changed to Magister     (May change in the future) Max Health is 100. Starts with 2 Armor Class.

                                            Pressing reload on all weapons will activate the the Fire weapon's rage mode, if the Fire weapon is obtained.


1st weapon:  Mace of Contrition    

                            Primary fire deals a moderate amount of damage to enemies with moderate melee reach and costing Stamina.
                            Upon killing an enemy 6-9 Arcane Blood is returned.  After a swing, if you are not holding down the attack button
                            the screen will flash and a noise will sound. If you press attack during this time you will perform a heavy swing,

                            knocking back enemies in an area.
                            Enemies killed with this attack do not return Arcane Blood.  This attack costs 12 Stamina.  
                            You can still attack with the mace if you have no Stamina, but it will be much slower.
                            Secondary fire casts a self buff. Holding the button will charge the spell.  Also will knock enemies and

                            projectiles away upon spell initiation.
                            First charge will cost 6 Arcane Blood and gives you 20 Stamina.
                            Second charge will cost 10 Blue mana as well as an additional 7 Arcane Blood.  It heals 15-20 health.
                            Third charge will cost 15 Green mana as well as an additional 4 Arcane Blood.
                            It gives 1 Armor class up to a max of 18 in addition to healing an additional 20 health.
2nd weapon:  Bow of Bow-ery    

                            Primary fire shoots an arrow. Can be charged by holding the button.  Each arrow costs 2 Blue mana.
                            Damage and projectile speed are increased by charging the bow.
                            Stamina will drain while holding the charged bow.
                            Secondary fires an electric arrow costing 15 Blue mana.  When the arrow lands it causes a chain lightning effect.
3rd weapon:  Flames 

                            Holding Primary fire summons swirling pillars of flame around the player.
                            After you release attack the screen will flash, and if you press attack at this time the fire pillars will explode

                            causing fairly significant area damage.  Costs 7 Arcane Blood.
                            Tapping Primary fire will cause an explosion in front of the player, costing 3 mana. Has short range.
                            Secondary shoots a projectile costing 10 Green mana that creates a rotating pinwheel of fire which swirls

                            outward damaging enemies in the area.
                            After a moment an explosion will appear in the middle of the pinwheel.
                            Holding secondary fire creates a perpetual ring of fire around the player, which lightly damages
                            enemies nearby, costing no mana, but slowly draining health. Also buffs other weapons' attacks.
                            Mace: Primary attacks cause additional damage. Heavy swing knocks back enemies even more

                            and deals significant damage. Secondary fire no change.
                            Bow: Primary fires faster, does much more damage, arrows fly faster. Secondary fire chain lightning now stuns enemies
                            Flames: Primary fire the pillars do more damage and reaches further out. Secondary now spawns a

                            much wider pinwheel, and the explosion is larger.
                            Holding Secondary dismisses the ring.
                            Wraithverge: Primary fires a swirling vortex of souls damaging all in their path.  Secondary spawns 4

                            spirits which are MUCH faster and more aggressive than normal ones.
4th weapon:  Wraithverge    Primary fire spawns a floating flame that teleports to an enemy within range and burns them.
                            If the enemy dies it will teleport to another enemy within range, if there is one.  If
                            there isn't one, it will float in wait for an enemy to enter its range.  It will disappear after
                            a certain amount of time. It costs 15 of both manas and returns Arcane Blood on enemy death.
                            Secondary is the vanilla attack because it's badass and impossible to improve.  So I unimproved it.
                            It costs 15 of both manas and now also 30 Arcane Blood. It lauches a ball that bursts
                            into 4 spirits which seek out enemies and tear them to shreds.
Flechette:              The Magister now throws his Flechette and it breaks on the enemy or the ground engulfing the area in a torrent of holy fire.


Has inventory:       ArcaneBlood is gained over time or from Monster Flasks
                            Has 5 bats constantly flying around him.
Name Vesper         Max Health is 100. Starts with 1 Armor Class.

                            Pressing reload on all weapons, or holding alt fire, will send out one of your 5 bats to attack. 

                            The attack differs based on the equipped weapon.


1st: Louisville Slugger      

                            Primary fire bashes enemies over the head with the bat.  
                            Secondary fire will perform a powerful swing launching enemies away.
                            Your bats will automatically attack nearby enemies, but this can be disabled in the options.
                            Sending out your bats causes them to fly out and seek an enemy, damage

                            them a small amount, then return.  Costs 2 Arcane Blood.
2nd:  Fire Bats       Primary fire launches bats forward which fly in a haphazard manner leaving

                            behind a burning trail damaging nearby enemies. Costs 1 Blue Mana.
                            Secondary fire launches a volatile bat which flies fast in a straight line, until it sees a nearby enemy. 

                            It then directs itself toward the enemy and explodes on them. Costs 8 Blue Mana.
                            Sending out your bats, they will seek an enemy, damage it more than normal, and set it aflame,

                            dealing damage over time. Costs 3 Arcane Blood.
3rd:  ExtraPlanar Bats      

                            Primary fire summons a stream of bats that fly out at supersonic speeds and damage any enemy they collide with.

                            Costs 4 Green Mana per stream.
                            Secondary fire summons up to 2 ethereal bats in front of the player, then one energy orb. 

                            After being summoned pressing Primary will fire the bats
                            instantaneously in a line.  They will stop at the first enemy hit, except the energy orb, which goes through all enemys in a line.
                            Sending out your bats, they will instantaneously attack wherever you are looking, then fly back.  Costs 5 Arcane Blood.
4th:  Swarm Bats            

                            Primary fire sends a swarm of bats to attack in front of you.  
                            Secondary fire sends out a large swarm of bats which seek out enemies and damage them until they die or the bats time out.
                            Sending out your bats, they will seek and continuously attack enemies until they time out,

                            then they return.  Costs 16 Arcane Blood.
Flechette:              A bat carrying the flechette flies where you are looking until it hits a wall or sees an enemy. 

                            When it sees an enemy it throws the flechette at them.




The UI code is done by DEAD_FiSH with minor modifications by myself
The Fullscreen UI code was made by DEAD_FiSH with major modifications by myself
Cleric/Mage/Fighter DECORATE definitions are as they came in the mod by DEAD_FiSH with minor modifications by myself
Mace sprites, idle, swing, and casting are by Lagi
Rage mode cast and dismiss sprites, cleric hand snap by Lagi
FireHammer sprites are by DEAD_FiSH
The structure of WarlockSpells as well as the sprites is by DEAD_FiSH, heavily modified by myself
The concept and implementation of the Monster Flasks was by DEAD_FiSH as well as Stamina and Arcane Blood
The Bow Sprites are by Bethesda Softworks, Raven Software, Monolith Productions, DonaldDuck and edited by Gothic. Found at Realm 667.
Some Bow sprites have been edited by myself.
Meteor explosion sprite is from Duke Nukem.
Meteor Sprite is by Cmdr G on OpenGameArt.org
Meteor summon circle and Arcane shard halo by NeoWorm, edited by me.
Widescreen HUD sprites on Mace, Fists, Axe, Hammer, and Quietus taken from Cronos Unleashed by Rip and Tear
AxeThrow Sprites from WrathofCronos by Thetis, though those sprites may have been done by Neoworm, it wasn't clear in the WrathofCronos credits
Mace Backswing and a portion of the casting sprites by NeoWorm
AxeSlash Sprites and Telekinesis blast sprites by eharper256
Code for the AxeSlash sprites by eharper256
Sprites for Ring of The Unseen are from Black Isle Studios, edited by Xaser
Sprites for Emerald Amulet by Raven Software, edited by Captain Toenail
Sprites for Icon of the Raven by Raven Software, NeuralStunner, Neoworm
Sounds by Kevin Schilder, Chia Chin Lee, Drew Markham, Tommccann, Robinhood76, Humanoide9000, Grant_Evans, Partners In Rhyme, and Myself.
If I missed anything or got anything wrong and you know who did what LET ME KNOW.


Edited by 4page : Updated

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Wow, this looks like it might actually make boring ass Hexen fun to play! (lol)


Love some of the new abilities for the classes shown off in that teaser video. I might record some gameplay with this mod in the next few days. Either way, great first impression!

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Thanks!  I certainly hope you have fun with it!

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Changed up the weapon animation for the Warlock's Telekinesis for the next update, due to some complaints about it being rather plain.  I'm glad they did, because I think these are turning out great!  Also changed the sound for the frost weapons a bit.  Thoughts, suggestions, and opinions for this and everything else are always appreciated!

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Long awaited by probably someone! Here's the newest version! DOOM!!!!! Rip and Tear with the best of them! All 4 beloved classes banded together to defeat the hordes of HELL!
Changes highlights!
Added some kickback to almost all the weapons, so that it doesn't feel so weird when you insta gib a zombieman and he just drops to the floor instead of flying across the room.
Flying Punch now gives a small amount of damage resistance while in the air so it's a bit less suicidal when trying to charge face first into a Cyberdemon missile.
Made the Axe's swing arc actually hit enemies in an area more reliably.
Changed the Warlock's Telekinesis visuals. Personally I think they're MUCH nicer now.
Made the Magister's arrows actually have proper collision detection. I noticed when shooting up on top of ledges they would act as if they hit the wall when they clearly should have missed. FIXED THAT.
FireStorm's primary tap now has a bit of range on it instead of just directly in front of the player.
Did the same thing for FireStorm's secondary that I did with the arrow.
FireBat's now fire significantly faster, but do a bit less damage, allowing you to coat an area in flames a bit easier.
ExtraPlanar Bats primary now shoots a series of shots similar to the secondary, but less powerful, shorter range, and much faster.

NOW PLAYABLE IN DOOM WITH MOST DOOM MODS AND MAPS. Might have some issues with mods or maps that replace weapons in zscript.

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