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Doomguy + Kevin the Minion love Story (So Cute!)

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Hello, all! As everyone knows, I am big into the Minions franchise, so I've decided to cook up a little crossover story with them and Doom. Enjoy :)


Doomguy was sad, for he had no friends to play with during killing demons. He fought and fought, and fought..."Ugh," he thought, "Why can't I have time with a good friend? Maybe read books or play video games together?" Little did Doomguy know, his wish was going to come true! In a fun way.


While battling a Mancubus, Doomguy dodges the rocket swarm. "Just die!" sa9id the Mancubus.


"No." Doomgu y blurted.


It was getting evening. Doomguy had battled demons all night. "Yawn, he said."


Suddenly he heard a voice. It was a chipper voice, so quiet and friendly. "Whose their?" said Doomguy. Quiet. Quiet. Then the voice



"Ba-na-naa!" It was squeaky and clear. The being was two foot tall, yellow, with one big eye and overalls. "Heey!" it said.


Doomguy was perpleved. What on earth? Another Demon? A type he had never seen before!?


He raised a gun at the demon's face, only it was not a demon, it was a minion. "Ba...nana?" said the Minion sadly.


Doomguy lowered the gun. "No," he gasped, "You are no demon. You are a Minion from the Despicalbe Me movies!" Doomguy was elated beyond the beyond. He was so happy he cried.


"Name: Kevin." said the Minion.


Doomguy blushed. "Name: Doomguy." he replied.


The two quickly became friends, playing video games and reading books together. When demons invaded, Doomguy gave Kevin a blaster, and Kevin joined in the fray co-op style.


The end.

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This is just Chapter 1. More Chapters will be sure to come out soon. XD Lol

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