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April Fool's Wad: Ram Ranch (Now On Idgames!)

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Yo! What is that I see off in the distance? A huge fiery portal is opening up. Hordes of demons are pouring out, their huge hard cocks as hard as rocks. Ram Ranch is under siege, under lockdown! Big buff demons are gonna fuck Ram Ranch cowboy butts. It's up to you, the mighty Doomguy, to fuck the demons back into Hell with your massive Doomcock.


Anyway, this is a short jokewad I made. Unlike other jokewads, I wanted this one to have actual gameplay instead of being something half-assed. You start off inside the titular Ram Ranch, fight your way through it, and then have a giant battle outside. You might say I put too much effort into what is basically a shitpost, but at least I enjoyed creating this.


And in case you're wondering, yes, there are exactly 18 imps in the showers at Ram Ranch. Or rather, that abstract room that's supposed to resemble a shower.


Technical details:


*Compatibility: Vanilla

*Tested with: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, PRBoom+, GLBoom+, Eternity Engine, GZDoom

*Jumping and freelook are allowed.

*Separate difficulty settings are implemented.

*Co-op starts are available.


Known bugs:

*In Chocolate/Vanilla, there is a slime trail in the showers at Ram Ranch.

*In Chocolate/Vanilla, there is a hall of mirrors effect if you go to the northern or southern end of the outdoor area and look in the opposite direction.

*In Chocolate/Vanilla, if there are too many sprites on screen, then some will disappear/reappear at random.


Download link: RAMRANCH.zip


Idgames Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/p-r/ramranch

Edited by E.M.

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LMFAO, definitely giving this a playthrough sometime this weekend.  You're a trailblazer for Doom cowboys everywhere.


PS, you should tell Grant to put Doomguy in the latest Ram Ranch installment.  

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I speedunned this shit and i have some words, 1. there is a lack of ammo which makes completing this impossible i know its a april 1st joke but still. 2. the lack of weapons you don't think i like the rocket launcher.


Overall good joke but shit wad.

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+1 for the name rofl. I hate when cunts ramranch my patches, stop ripping the myc out and picking pins u cunts

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