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Looking for a Musician for a WAD I am making

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     Hello! I am looking for a person who knows how to make music. Here are the only 2 qualifications, 1. It needs to be metal, I don't care if it is slow or fast, it needs to be metal. Number 2 is optional, pretty much also asking for it to be a MIDI, but it can be any format you prefer.


     This is for a wad called "DOOM: Lost Sin". The story is in this pretty bad topic here: 




     You can take your time. However, I am expecting it to be done in about 1 year. I don't know how to end this, so I am just going to say have a nice day!



EDIT: You can DM me, comment, or PM me on Discord (My user is YeOldeFellerNoob#4381).

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