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Brad Smith

Send Me Your Full Ways for Me to Play through on YouTube

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, but a big Doom fan! I'm looking for good finished or work in process (that are excellent) WADs that I will play through on my YouTube channel. If I don't like something about a way, I will FIRST contact the author, so ZERO bad reviews from me!


Let me know guys! I Will come back regularly to see. I'm at home all day and have a lot of time and will give credits on the videos I make to the author(s) as well as links if need be. We talk. Let me know guys!


YouTube site:



YouTube Brutal Doom playthrough:



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I never get tired of seeing ppl playing my maps if you're interested and bored enough  :)


I made three maps and am always looking for input if youère bored enough


All tested on Zdoom. I play with freelook but probably shouildnèt be required


No jumping or crouching - intended for traditional gameplay really:


Brutal Breakout: http://www.levelgame.net/doom/BB.wad


Imp World: http://www.levelgame.net/doom/IMPWORLD.wad


The Button:  http://www.levelgame.net/doom/BUTTON.wad


Ps I don't care about bad reviews. Say whatever you want and air it if you find yourself playing it


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