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Doom squared Part 15

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Doom Squared Part 15


The chopper touched down for less than a minuite, but by that time it had already taken numerous shots and fireballs. I was amazed it could still fly after that cacodemon went through the roter. We crouched low to the roof and gathered our backpacks, ammo, guns, and armour. Still, crouching low, we hobbled over to the roof door

down a flight of stairs and throught a thick fire door, we found a small room with torches in the corners. A shattered window overlooked the towers outside. A zombie in the tower across from us heard the door slam shut, and fired a shotgun blast. Ducking to the floor, Alex crawled to the window and took out his plasma rifle.

"Gonna shoot at us, bitch? Take some of this!"

I jumped up and tackled to the ground him before he had a chance to fire. The zombie had seen us and fired another shot, hitting me in the shoulder.

"You idiot!" I yelled at him with my teath clenched. "There's probably a helluva lot more down there. If you kill him, the rest of them will find us!" He realized his mistake and tried to utter an apology. I walked back across the room with my back to him, doging the sight of the mutant.

Jess helped me with my wound, pouring a blue bottle of antiseptic regenerator over it. While it cleaned and helped the skin heal, she pulled the peices of buckshot out and put a dressing on it. Once healed, I took my pack and pulled out a map of the area and the latest satillite images.

"Okey, after the invasion started, the UAC tried to kill as many monsters as possible by firing a sonic blast missle at the source. It didn't work, they kept coming, and many buildings and roads were destroyed. Here, a tank containing caustic acid and a toxin warehouse were destroyed due to the missle creating a fault down the center of the zone." I pointed at the rift on the image. "The building in the center was under construction, refitting the stone inside with metal outside. They never finished, leaving it covered in wooden insulation panels. This will be our landmark, out beacon if we get lost, ok?" They seemed to agree. "Out first goal will be to find the red key, it's in one of the storage buildings on this side. Next, we need the yellow key, located in the central building. We don't know where the blue key is, but i'm guessing it's in the building that got most of the damage from the toxin bin explosion, based on scout reports."

"We know that most of the workers here were turned into mutants and zombies, so stay sharp, and keep your wits about you. We havn't got much time, let's go!" And with that we headed for the lift.

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Short story, heheh.

After checking it again...

Oh good, the story is there now.

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